4 Wheel Alignment


In Hong Kong, road are not exactly perfect. No matter how careful you are driving, hitting potholes, rubbing curbs, riding over slow down hump, and bumping concrete parking stops are unavoidable. Those things knock your steering and suspension around and, eventually, things are not straight anymore. You notice your car is pulling one way (mostly left!) or another or it seems to fight you when you turn or try to maintain a straight course.

Doing Alignment

Keeping your wheels aligned will prevent tire wear, increase fuel mileage by reducing road friction and improve the vehicles handling. Even without abuse, front wheel alignment will change under normal, everyday driving conditions. The change may be so gradual that it is not noticed at first. The first sign of something wrong usually shows up on the front tires, which develop peculiar wear patterns that will severely shorten the life of the tire. When these appear, the vehicle should have its alignment checked.

Chances are you need a wheel alignment. Usually the vehicle manufacturer has some recommendation in your owner's manual and you should do it whenever you buy new tires. But, as a general rule, have your vehicle's tires checked every 10,000 miles or at least once a year.

How is Bridgestone Pro Tyre Shop difference?

Alignment machine

Front and rear suspension geometry and design ratings are decisive for safe road behaviour and ride quality. Car manufacturers develop better and more perfect suspension systems all the time. To maintain their suspension design standards, vehicle manufacturers impose severe demands on servicing tolerances. Conventional axle measuring equipment just doesn’t meet these requirements. Therefore, we select the latest equipment from Beissbarth, the German manufacturer with a high reputation for its workshop equipment. Their wheel alignment know-how is based on a tradition of equipment development going back more than 50 years. They has been co-operating with famous vehicle manufacturer such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, VW, Audi, Lexus for many years.
Our database from Beissbarth with over 12,000 differenct vehicle models from over 50 manufacturers is world’s best. Without original data from the car manufacturers, wheel alignment just cannot be done properly. Wheel alignment sensors are attached to the wheel by wheel clamps. Some vehicle (e.g. BMW, Mecedes Benz, Porshe, etc.) has adaptor holes that are used for the clamps to fit to the true surface of the wheel hub. Unlike other tire service shops, we are proud to have those adaptors to do the most accurate job.

Alignment Screen

Therefore in Bridgestone Pro Tyre Shop, you can be assured your vehicle will only receive the most proper wheel alignment from the professionals.

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