Tire and Wheel Change

Tire and Wheel Change

We believe all our customer are car lovers, so we take different practice from the normal tire service shops.

Dismounting Tyres In Bridgestone Pro Tyre Shop, we don't use impact wrench to mount and dismount tires because the big impact force can easily damage the screw or scratch the rim. Therefore, like most professional mechanic, we only use manual wrench.

Tyre mounting Air has a natural tendency to leak, its pressure increase with normal tire running temperature, its water content can cause oxidation to metal and rubber. Therefore, to bring out the best tire performance and save fuel, we only use relatively better nitrogen to inflate our tires.

Nitrogen Inflator
Balance with screw center Today's automobiles are more powerful and more dedicated tuned than before. The traditional way of using the wheel center to balance the wheel and tire is usually faulty and cause the tire to vibrant at a certain speed. Therefore, we only balance the tire/wheel fitment by screw holes centering. This way, our customer can always be assured of the unparallel smooth driving in the highway.

Owing to safety reason, each car manufacturer has a specified torque for tightening the wheel of different car model. To safeguard the safety of our customer on the road, each wheel tightened in our shop is fine tuned by a certified torque wrench.

Adjusting screw with certified torque wrench
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