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Date: 29th June 2010
Bridgestone Launches new generation Potenza S001 Ultra High Performance Sport Tyre - Oil Coupon Promotion

Launching POTENZA S001, the World Debut, with Oil Coupon

Bridgestone has extended its sport tyre line-up with the launch of the Potenza S001 for top sports cars and high-powered luxury vehicles. Reliving the motor-sport heritage of Potenza tyres, the S001 is designed to give the world's most powerful sports models even sportier handling and higher efficiency than the current Potenza RE050(A) it complements. With factory fitments on the Aston Martin Rapide and Ferrari 458 Italia, the Potenza S001 clearly meets the challenging demands of both heavier luxury sports cars and the new breed of lighter, extreme sport models.

Sports response and driving precision

The unique character of this asymmetric tyre is expressed on the outside tread area by the large, stiff 'high grip' shoulder blocks which produce optimum road contact. This handling performance is enhanced by the strong but lightweight active insert in the bead area which increases longitudinal stiffness, generating the high braking force required, while maintaining vertical stiffness for cornering grip and ride comfort. Drivers will enjoy the remarkable steering response, giving an exciting sporty feel behind the wheel, countered by the perfect high-speed stability provided by the off-centre straight rib tread design.

Tuned for wet safety

Safety is assured by Bridgestone premium wet technology. The wide groove design provides rapid water evacuation, aided by high-angle lug grooves to improve drainage of excess water from the rib area into the main grooves for hydroplane resistance. The angle of these lug grooves has been tuned to minimise block deformation during braking, thus maintaining the most effective braking edge and contact patch for maximum wet safety and control.

Ultra high efficiency

The Potenza S001 meets the strong trend towards more fuel efficient motoring with a lighter belt construction than the previous Potenza generation and reduced rolling resistance. Pattern noise is diminished by the even road contact provided by the new block design which minimizes noise emissions on contact with the road, combined with the latest groove and lug technology to suppress surface noise.

The Potenza S001 is available in 56 sizes (17" to 20" rims) in the replacement market from July 2010. To celebrate the launch of this new generation eco-friendly Potenza, each customer can receive HK$100 oil coupon per S001 purchase. Don't miss this chance of saving fuel and experiencing the exciting performance of the latest POTENZA S001.

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